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A Core function of the Center is to deliver education and training to the Indiana University community and to sexual health professionals around the globe. In this section of our website you will find details of our educational and training initiatives. To learn more about any of these opportunities, please contact us at

Research Training and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion: Past and Present

Our Center maintains a commitment to fostering independent student research that began in 2001 under the auspices of the sexual health research working group (SHRWG) and has evolved into full-scale degrees, certificates, courses, and other training opportunities in sexual health. The Center brings together Masters-level students with doctoral-level Student Project Coordinators in order to conduct independent and original research projects. Research training topics for students involved with our Center include: researching and synthesizing available literature; data entry, cleaning, and analysis; research instrument creation and data collection; and technology training. Our students also have the opportunity to present research projects at local and national conferences, as well as assist in writing papers for publication. If you are interested in joining one of our projects please contact us at to learn more about current opportunities.


IU SPHB Program in Sexual & Reproductive Health

For a full description of degrees, certificates, and courses on Sexual & Reproductive Health offered by the Indiana School of Public Health-Blooimington, in coordination with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, please consult the Program in Sexual & Reproductive Health website.


IU SPHB Courses Affiliated with the Center

The following courses are offered by the Department of Applied Health Science and are affiliated with the activities of the Center.

Graduate Courses

List of courses related to human sexuality and sexual health that are available for graduate students to enroll, which are also eligible for inclusion in the Graduate Certificate in Sexual & Reproductive Health, include:

SPH-B 630 Sexual and Reproductive Health Surveillance (3 cr.) In-depth orientation to the major methods and systems used for purposes of sexual and reproductive health surveillance, with a focus on the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data essential to planning, implementing, and evaluating efforts to promote sexual and reproductive health.

 SPH-B 632 Sexual Health: Contemporary Discoveries and Controversies (3 cr.)This course involves in-depth explorations of research and conceptual frameworks in the field of sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on recent scientific discoveries, contemporary controversies, new technologies relevant to sexual and reproductive health, and relevant ethical issues in society.

SPH-H 633 Advanced Instructional Methods in Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (3 cr.) P: SPH-H350 Teaching Methods in Human Sexuality Education or equivalent. Students develop pedagogical competencies aligned with professional standards, and encompassing emerging technologies and applications, required to deliver sexual and reproductive health education to diverse populations. Intended for prospective and practicing educators and health care workers for, and in, public health settings, including primary and secondary schools. 

SPH-B 634 Sexual Health Research and Evaluation: Methods and Approaches (3 cr.) Sexual health scientists ask a range of unique questions, which require tailored methods and approaches to answer. Through a combination of independent readings and interactive discussions, lectures and guest speakers, and student-led presentations, we will gain an understanding of the major elements of sexual health research, interventions, and practice.

SPH-H 595 Practicum in College Sex Education (3cr.) (Formerly HPER-H 540) includes the study of sexuality education methodology, preparation of learning activities dealing with human sexuality, evaluation of student papers, and leading discussion sections of SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality.

Undergraduate Courses

SPH H317: Sexual Health Promotion. This course is an intensive seminar on contemporary sexual health issues and provides students with training in the delivery of campus and community-based sexual health programs. Students must have completed SPH F255 (Human Sexuality) prior to being considered for this course.

SPH H317: Challenging Sexual Violence. This course offers an intensive look at sexual violence in our society and serves as the training program for Indiana University’s RAISE program (Raising Awareness In Sexual Encounters).


CSHP Doctoral Research Seminar

In our doctoral research seminar, faculty and doctoral students meet regularly for a variety of guest lectures, practical research training and skills-building activities, and student-led presentations and discussions. It’s also a chance for our team to check in regularly on our respective grant proposals, papers, and presentations. This course is reserved for doctoral students at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.


IU SPHB Degree Programs Related To Sexual Health

Indiana University offers a range of graduate and undergraduate degrees for individuals pursuing a career in sexual health. Below is a description of the degrees offered by the Department of Applied Health Science. Again, for more information, please consult the Program in Sexual & Reproductive Health website

Graduate Certificacte Programs

Graduate Certificate in Sexual & Reproductive Health

The Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health is designed for both current graduate students and working professionals. It aims to provide public health practitioners, educators, researchers and others who work on the front lines of public health with the advanced skills and knowledge to support their work and to improve the status of the sexual and reproductive health in their communities and beyond. And it can be pursued completely online. Students on the IUB campus can pursue it online, in-person, or through a combination of both formats. Individuals who are pursuing American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT) certification as a sexuality educator, counselor, or therapist will find that graduate certificate courses address each of the AASECT core knowledge areas required for certification. Please click here for further information on a full description of the Graduate Certificate program.

Doctoral Programs

Ph.D. in Health Behavior

The Ph.D. in Health Behavior offers scholars an opportunity to pursue advanced training in research. The vast sexuality-related resources at Indiana University make it offer an unmatched opportunity to connect with hundreds of other scholars and students pursuing work in the area of sexual health. The degree is highly individualized and students benefit from the opportunity to engage with some of the nation's leading sexuality-focused scholars to design a doctoral degree program that is consistent with a student's career goals.

Ph.D. Minors

Individualized Ph.D. Minors. Students who are already enrolled in a doctoral program at Indiana University routinely work with faculty in the Center for Sexual Health Promotion to design doctoral minors that help students gain skills and knowledge in research related to sexual health. Previous CSHP Ph.D. student minors include Mixed Methods Inquiry in Sexual Health Research and Research Methods for Sexual and Gender Minority Health.

Ph.D. Minor in Human Sexuality Education. The Department of Applied Health Science offers a doctoral minor in human sexuality education for students currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs at Indiana University.

Masters Programs

Master of Public Health (MPH)

The MPH program at IUB is focused on the social and behavioral sciences that are essential for understanding health behaviors and developing health promotion interventions designed to successful career in public health. Substantial numbers of MPH students are engaged in the work of the Center and are actively pursuing sexual health as their primary area of focus. Students complete core public health coursework in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health behavior theory and health administration and further specialize their training by selecting one of two available concentrations: practice and leadership or public health research.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.S) Degrees

The Department of Applied Health Science offers a range of undergraduate degrees for students wishing to pursue sexual health issues. Our degree programs in public health, school health education, and human development & family studies offer solid preparation in the conceptual and practical foundations of the health sciences that will prepare individuals for a career or for more advanced graduate study in sexual health.

Undergraduate Minor in Human Sexuality

This minor program prepares students to address human sexuality issues and is highly complementary to the vast range of degrees offered across the campus of Indiana University.