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The Center for Sexual Health Promotion is launching a campus-wide survey at Indiana University

The Center for Sexual Health and Promotion at Indiana University’s School of Public Health-Bloomington has initiated a Campus Sexual Health Survey that targets the nearly 38,000 undergraduate students on the Indiana University flagship campus in Bloomington.

The optional student survey addresses a range of sexual health issues relevant to many college students today including STI testing, contraception, condom use, sexual assault, LGBT harassment, abstinence and perceptions of “hooking up,” as well as sexual satisfaction and relationship happiness.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time that a campus-wide survey has taken such a broad approach to sexual health and behavior here at IU,” said Dr.Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., associate professor at the School of Public Health-Bloomington and director of the Center for Sexual Health and Promotion. Herbenick’s team at the center also administers the National Survey for Sexual Health and Behavior, a large, nationally representative study of the sexual lives of Americans ages 14 through 94.

Additionally, Herbenick noted that the campus survey allows the team at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion to examine how students are similar to or different from their peers across the country. Survey findings will also help the researchers identify areas of strength at the Indiana University Bloomington campus in regards to sexual health, in addition to areas that can be improved to better serve the student population.

“We feel fortunate to work in a department, a school, and a university that each have a long history of valuing sexual health as an important part of public health and well-being,” Herbenick said. “Since 2009, we have been tracking sexual health indicators for Americans of all ages, and it’s our responsibility to attend to our local campus community too.”

Once collected, the data will be shared with the student body, faculty and staff at the IU Health Center and the School of Public Health-Bloomington, and other academic and administrative departments who can make use of the data in class or campus programming.

The Campus Sexual Health survey will be released in collaboration with the Indiana University Office of Undergraduate Education and the Center for Survey Research.


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Published: 02-05-2015