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Center for Sexual Health Promotion Welcomes New Public Health Graduate Students!

On Monday August 14, the School of Public Health welcomed new and returning graduate students. Dr. Heather Eastman-Mueller and PhD student Ben Guthrie represented the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, sharing information about opportunities to get involved in sexual health research, education efforts on the IU-Bloomington campus, and new School of Public Health courses focused in sexual health that graduate students have the option of taking (list below). Students interested in working as research assistants on sexual health research projects can contact us at

List of courses related to human sexuality and sexual health that are available for graduate students to enroll: 

SPH-B 630 Sexual and Reproductive Health Surveillance (3 cr.) In-depth orientation to the major methods and systems used for purposes of sexual and reproductive health surveillance, with a focus on the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data essential to planning, implementing, and evaluating efforts to promote sexual and reproductive health.

 SPH-B 632 Sexual Health: Contemporary Discoveries and Controversies (3 cr.)This course involves in-depth explorations of research and conceptual frameworks in the field of sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on recent scientific discoveries, contemporary controversies, new technologies relevant to sexual and reproductive health, and relevant ethical issues in society.

SPH-H 633 Advanced Instructional Methods in Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (3 cr.) P: SPH-H350 Teaching Methods in Human Sexuality Education or equivalent. Students develop pedagogical competencies aligned with professional standards, and encompassing emerging technologies and applications, required to deliver sexual and reproductive health education to diverse populations. Intended for prospective and practicing educators and health care workers for, and in, public health settings, including primary and secondary schools. 

SPH-B 634 Sexual Health Research and Evaluation: Methods and Approaches (3 cr.) Sexual health scientists ask a range of unique questions, which require tailored methods and approaches to answer. Through a combination of independent readings and interactive discussions, lectures and guest speakers, and student-led presentations, we will gain an understanding of the major elements of sexual health research, interventions, and practice.

SPH-H 595 Practicum in College Sex Education (3cr.) (Formerly HPER-H 540) includes the study of sexuality education methodology, preparation of learning activities dealing with human sexuality, evaluation of student papers, and leading discussion sections of SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality.

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Published: 08-21-2017